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    Alliance's Security Guard service offers a proficient strategy for safeguarding individuals, facilities, and valuables. We ensure that you receive the appropriate individual trained to meet your specific needs.

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    Electronic Security

    Alliance specialize in installation, servicing, maintainence and monitoring for alarms and camera systems. With over 20 years of experience, we can provide a solution that fits your needs and your budget. 
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    Mobile Patrols
    and Rapid Response

    Alliance Securities mobile security patrols offer you peace of mind with the assurance that your premises are safeguarded. Our skilled responsive mobile security solutions are capable of addressing any security concerns that may arise.

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    Lone Worker

    Lone workers who operate in isolation away from other employees, without close or direct supervision, do so with a heightened risk of personal injury. Our remote monitoring team can greatly reduce the risks these employees face.

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    This service guarantees the well-being and protection of visitors and occupants, in addition to the ability to carry out daily administrative duties. Whether it involves manning the reception in your corporate headquarters or welcoming and guiding clients in your retail establishment.

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    Events Security

    With Event Management, each venue comes with distinct goals and potential risks. Alliance's Event Security team is dedicated to creating a secure setting for both employees and guests, mitigating disruptions, and safeguarding property from potential damage or loss.

    The Alliance Security Difference

    We are 100% Locally Owned.

    At Alliance Security, we take great pride in crafting customer solutions that are perfectly aligned with your unique needs. This involves collaborating with you to assess your requirements and customizing our solutions accordingly.

    We firmly believe that our team comprises the most skilled professionals in the industry. One significant factor contributing to this is our extensive commitment to training, ensuring that our staff is well-prepared for the specific roles and environments they will be assigned to, whether it's within a high-end retail environment, at a hockey game, or as a corporate concierge.

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