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Corporate Security

In essence, we act as the organization's representatives, and as such, our service must combine a personal touch with professionalism.

The creation of these roles exemplifies how Alliance Security has evolved beyond conventional security paradigms to fulfill the client's objectives in a contemporary and efficient way.

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    Security Guards

    The essential element of static guarding is to guarantee that the provided guards align with the client's requirements, which could encompass specific personality traits, training, or skills tailored to the clients' demands.

    Alliance Security excels in evaluating these requirements and subsequently selecting and providing the suitable personnel.

    Our organizational framework also ensures that support is accessible for every security guard, regardless of their assignment location within Canada.


    Security surveillance may be CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems, cameras and recording devices that function either in analogue or digital.

    We also install the following CCTV Systems.

    • Dahua
    • Hikvision/Hilook
    • NX Witness

    Data Centre Management

    Data centers are inherently high-risk, high-security settings, functioning under stringent operational and governance standards. It is imperative to include professional, extensively trained security personnel within your security framework. Alliance Security serves numerous prominent players in the data center industry worldwide. Get in touch with us today to explore how our specialized team can enhance the integrity of your vital infrastructure.

    Building Concierge

    Concierge Security offers a cost-efficient solution to establish a friendly presence in your building or workplace while upholding stringent security access and environmental standards.

    Your concierge collaborates with other security protocols to guarantee a secure and well-regulated environment.

    Our current concierge team sets the industry standard. Connect with one of our industry experts today to learn more.

    Administration Support

    Our team recognizes the synergy and additional benefits that a security officer can offer. As a result, we have expanded our services to encompass administrative support, covering reception responsibilities, data entry tasks, and customer service positions.

    Alliance Security is well-equipped to deliver high quality administrative support to your business.

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