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Healthcare Sector Security

Within the Canadian healthcare sector, a variety of security measures are essential to ensure the safety and welfare of patients, staff, confidential data, and healthcare facilities.

There are several ways Alliance Security can add value and quickly increase the security presence and provision within the Healthcare sector.


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    Specialist Security Guards

    Physical security measures focus on securing the physical environment of healthcare facilities. This includes access control systems, video surveillance, perimeter fencing, locks, and alarms to prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive areas.

    Ensuring the safety of patients and staff is paramount in the health sector. This includes implementing measures to prevent violence, aggression, and harassment within healthcare facilities

    Pastoral Care

    At its most basic level, pastoral care entails the provision of physical and emotional support for students, serving as the fundamental underpinning that enables effective learning.

    Our teams operate within university and school settings, enhancing the inclusivity of pastoral care programs with specialized services. Our team frequently serves as the point of contact for students after regular hours and represents our clients. We possess a deep understanding of these distinctive environments. Contact us today to explore how we can enhance the value of your pastoral care program.

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