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Construction Industry

Alliance Security plays a pivotal role in safeguarding profits in the construction sector by putting in place a variety of strategies aimed at reducing risks and averting financial losses.

There are several ways Alliance Security can add value and quickly increase the security presence and provision within your business.

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    Construction Industry Site Security

    Utilizing well-trained security personnel to conduct patrols, oversee access points, and address security incidents or emergencies on the construction site.

    Security on construction sites in Canada is of paramount importance to safeguard assets, reduce disruptions, and ensure the safety of workers. It plays a vital role in preserving the integrity of the construction project and fostering a secure work environment for all stakeholders.

    Asset Protection

    It is important to note that specific security protocols and procedures may vary depending on the size and complexity of the construction site, as well as any unique risks associated with the project. By having security guards actively involved in asset protection, construction sitesĀ  can minimize losses, maintain a secure environment, and ensure the smooth progress of construction projects.

    Health and Safety Compliance

    Our services revolve around ensuring adherence to pertinent health and safety regulations and standards within the construction sector.

    We provide valuable advice regarding regulatory obligations, conduct thorough audits to uncover any instances of non-compliance, and offer expert recommendations for the implementation of corrective measures.

    Construction Industry Workforce Management

    Effectively handling your own workforce as well as subcontractors can be a complex task. Our team boasts extensive experience in overseeing site access, ensuring induction compliance and delivery, and managing site safety protocols.

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