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Marine Sector Security

Alliance Security can contribute to enhancing and strengthening marine sector security in order to ensure the safety and protection of maritime facilities, ports, vessels, and personnel operating in the dynamic and challenging marine environment.

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    Asset Protection

    Preserving the integrity of valuable maritime assets, such as vessels, port facilities, cargo, and infrastructure, is a top priority for asset protection in the New Zealand marine industry. Allied Security offers security solutions, encompassing physical barriers, access control systems, and surveillance technologies, to regulate entry points and discourage unauthorized access to these maritime assets.

    Maritime Compliance

    Our team holds substantial expertise in managing the security, verification, and access control of maritime environments, thereby ensuring the security of our port borders. We operate within various porta and coastal access facilities internationally.

    Watch House Security

    The precise security demands for a marine watch house can differ based on its location, dimensions, and operational requisites.

    We collaborate closely with the facility management and relevant stakeholders to tailor security solutions that match the distinct security goals and comply with regulatory prerequisites.

    Cruise Ship Ambassadors

    Our team offers amiable and hospitable security hosts who ensure that compliance is maintained while also creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for visitors to our port entrances, ensuring a positive and lasting experience.

    Port Security Officers

    We dispatch personnel to deliver security services at ports and harbors. This entails overseeing access points, performing security screenings for individuals and vehicles, and ensuring adherence to security procedures.

    Additionally, we have the capability to establish access control measures, like validating identification cards and overseeing visitor entry, in order to thwart unauthorized access to restricted areas.

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