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    Static Guarding

    Static Guarding involves security personnel stationed either in a fixed location or patrolling designated areas.

    These responsibilities may encompass staffing access points, safeguarding equipment or valuables to prevent losses, managing crowds, providing security at events, securing scenes, or offering personal protection—essentially, any situation necessitating a physical presence on-site.

    The critical aspect of static guarding lies in ensuring that the guards provided align with the client's exact requirements. This can entail specific personality traits, training, or skills tailored to the client's unique needs.

    At Alliance Security, we pride ourselves being a leading security provider in Vancouver.

    We excel in evaluating these requirements and subsequently sourcing and deploying the precise personnel required.


    We have the capacity to provide security personnel for a wide range of scenarios, offering seasoned, reliable professionals who are experts in their respective security domains. All our guards undergo comprehensive training in ethics, physical preparedness, and decision-making, equipping them to effectively handle any potential situation.

    Our expertise extends to the following areas:

    • Enforcing Health and Safety Measures
    • Protecting Profits
    • Specialized Security Personnel
    • Providing Supportive Pastoral Care
    • Efficient Workforce Management
    • Safeguarding Campus Facilities
    • Operating a Security Operations Centre
    • Ensuring Security at Watch Houses
    • Professional Port Security Officers
    • Verification Services
    • Offering Concierge Security
    • Implementing SOCS (Security Operations Control Systems)


    We can work with you to identify potential security risks and implement effective measures to protect your business, customers, and employees. Find out more

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    Alliance Security has the potential to play a crucial role in providing support to government departments in Canada through several typical methods. Discover ways in which we can offer assistance to these government entities here

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