Mobile Patrols & Security Response

Mobile patrolling entails an individual physically visiting a location to conduct a thorough inspection of the property in response to an alarm activation or an instruction to be present.
Both patrolling and responding entail the examination of a property to verify its security, typically during periods of low activity and when it is unoccupied, often occurring at night.

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    Mobile Patrols

    We collaborate closely with you to develop a customized security solution tailored to meet your precise security demands.

    Our mobile patrol services encompass:

    • Securing your premises overnight to maintain its safety.
    • Conducting random property checks during nighttime.
    • Managing the opening and closing of doors or gates at specified times.
    • Ensuring your parking area is cleared and secure.
    • Verifying the well-being of lone or nighttime-working employees.
    • Responding promptly and proactively to alarm systems.

    At Alliance Security, we make it a point to notify our clients each time an incident occurs. Our extensively trained staff are equipped with the latest technology to ensure swift responses to any incidents.

    Security Response

    Furnished with cutting-edge Lo-jacked tracking devices, our vehicles guarantee continuous surveillance of our security personnel's movements, offering our clients a profound sense of confidence and serenity.

    In order to bolster the efficiency of our mobile patrols, our patrol teams maintain ongoing contact with our specialized command center and other security personnel. This interconnected system ensures swift assistance whenever a security threat or breach is identified during a patrol. We place great emphasis on the strength of cooperation and coordination to deliver the highest level of security result

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    Mobile Patrols & Security Response

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