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Government Agencies

In Canada, the provision of security guard services to government agencies is of paramount importance in securing government ministries and ensuring the safety and protection of ministry personnel, assets, and sensitive information.

The security guard services offered to ministries encompass a variety of responsibilities and tasks that are customized to address the unique requirements of each ministry.

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    Security Guards

    Physical security measures primarily concentrate on fortifying the physical surroundings of government facilities. This encompasses the deployment of access control systems, video surveillance, perimeter fencing, locks, and alarms, all aimed at thwarting unauthorized entry and safeguarding sensitive areas.

    In this sector, the utmost priority is ensuring the safety of both clients and staff. This entails the implementation of strategies to prevent violence, aggression, and harassment within ministry facilities.

    Mobile Patrols

    Mobile patrolling involves a dedicated individual physically visiting a designated site with the explicit purpose of conducting routine checks on the premises. This proactive approach to security typically entails scheduled, periodic visits to ensure that all security measures are in place and functioning as intended. During these patrols, security personnel carefully inspect access points, perimeters, and potential vulnerability areas to detect any signs of unusual activity or security breaches.


    Concierge Security is a cost effective way to provide a welcoming presence to your building and or workplace whilst maintaining a high level of security access and environment behaviours.

    Your concierge will work alongside other security measures to ensure a safe , controlled environment.

    Our existing concierge team is industry leading , talk to one of our industry experts today.


    A security operations center serves as the core of a security operation and typically serves as a central hub within a facility or organization where security personnel manage and oversee security systems and procedures. These systems may encompass CCTV cameras for remote video surveillance, access control systems, alarm systems, and other security technologies. The primary function of a control room is to continuously monitor and respond to potential security threats in real-time, thereby ensuring the safety and security of the facility or organization.

    Alliance boasts extensive experience in managing SOC operations, spanning various sectors such as government, tertiary education, manufacturing, and global corporations. Our team operates in diverse environments, so don't hesitate to engage with our specialized team today.

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