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Education Sector Security

The main objective of these security measures is to establish a secure and supportive learning environment for individuals in Canada's educational sector, including students, staff, and visitors.

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    Security Guards

    Utilizing highly trained security personnel can significantly improve overall security within the education sector. Security guards can supervise entry points, conduct scheduled patrols, and ensure adherence to security protocols. Their presence acts as a visible deterrent and enables swift responses to security breaches or suspicious activities.

    Pastoral Care

    At its most basic level, pastoral care entails the provision of physical and emotional support for students, serving as the fundamental underpinning that enables effective learning.

    Our teams operate within university and school settings, enhancing the inclusivity of pastoral care programs with specialized services. Our team frequently serves as the point of contact for students after regular hours and represents our clients. We possess a deep understanding of these distinctive environments. Contact us today to explore how we can enhance the value of your pastoral care program.

    Campus Security

    Alliance Security offers proficient security personnel with a wealth of experience in managing security concerns. These individuals are capable of conducting campus patrols, overseeing access points, and promptly responding to security incidents or emergencies. Their mere presence can act as a deterrent to potential threats.

    Security Operations Centre

    A security operations center serves as the core of a security operation and typically serves as a central hub within a facility or organization where security personnel manage and oversee security systems and procedures. These systems may encompass CCTV cameras for remote video surveillance, access control systems, alarm systems, and other security technologies. The primary function of a control room is to continuously monitor and respond to potential security threats in real-time, thereby ensuring the safety and security of the facility or organization.

    Alliance boasts extensive experience in managing SOC operations, spanning various sectors such as government, tertiary education, manufacturing, and global corporations. Our team operates in diverse environments, so don't hesitate to engage with our specialized team today.

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